As much as we try to avoid claims, they still happen. But don’t worry, the claims staff is here to help. Meet the Team. See the videos above and the points below for claim filing instructions and information on the claims process.

Important Claim Information

  • Agency/Entity
  • Date of Loss
  • Police/Case #
  • Description of Incident
  • License Plate #'s of Vehicle Involved (If Applicable)
  • Year, Make, and Model of Vehicles Involved (If Applicable)
  • Address (If Applicable)

The Claim Process

  • File claim
  • Claim is assigned to an Adjuster
  • Coverage Review
  • Contact with the Agency/Entity
  • Claim is denied or moves forward based on the applicable coverage, evidence and circumstances of the incident

Please click here for further information if you need to file a claim.

Meet the Team