Strategy & Analytics

The Strategy & Analytics Team (S&A Team) works directly with both internal and external stakeholders to correlate and discover the “Whys” behind claim losses. Moreover, this team has been tasked to view existing data, through the prism of modern insurance analytics, to develop new data streams and help the Division achieve its strategic objectives.  By applying descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analyses, the S&A Team helps stakeholders achieve new perspectives and deeper insights into their claims data, which further helps them assess probabilities, develop mitigation strategies, and improve outcomes. 

The overarching purpose of the S&A Team is to help create new strategies that can reduce the frequency and cost of claims, enhance safety efforts, reduce premiums, and, lastly, open avenues for improvement.  The S&A Team reports directly to the Division Director.  While it is the newest team within the Division of Risk Management, it is composed of experienced employees from within the Division.

Meet The Team