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The Loss Control team helps keep people safe, protect property, reduce liability, and avoid insurance pitfalls. Loss Control works with Risk Coordinators, HR professionals, and leadership performing inspections, consultations, and offering training.


Risk Management has experts on staff to help you. Our team is happy to guide you on civil rights, Title IV, and ADA questions, amongst others. Please see our resources link below for help resolving the most common questions we get or please feel free to contact one of our experts on staff.

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Our Loss Control team tries to be proactive in conducting onsite assessments of your property and contents. During these visits, our team conducts a thorough inspection to help determine the best methods for avoiding and controlling risks.

We also encourage our insureds to be proactive in managing risk. One tool to help manage risks is the Self-Inspection Survey, which will help you identify areas where safety is lacking and assist you in developing an action plan. If you have any questions regarding the Self-Inspection Survey please contact [email protected].

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Loss Control provides educational opportunities such as symposiums and online training to help our insureds and Risk Managers recognize risk and address the issue. Simply recognizing a risk and addressing the issue can prevent injury and damage. We hope you take every training opportunity through Risk Management to help you learn more and reduce risks within your organizations.

Online Training & Resources
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Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance system that provides medical and disability benefits for employees who suffer injury or illness because of their work. The State of Utah contracts this insurance through the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah.

To submit a worker's compensation claim or for further information please visit the WCF Insurance website by clicking the link below or contact our office at [email protected].

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