Risk Information

Insurance Cards: 
The State of Utah, Division of Risk Management provides property/casualty coverage for the vehicles that are enrolled in the Risk Management Fund. Insurance cards, or insurance ID cards will no longer be issued to covered entities. In accordance with Utah Code 41-12a-303.2 Evidence of owner’s or operator’s security to be carried when operating a motor vehicle – Defense – Penalties, a person is exempt from needing immediate possession of owner’s or operator’s security or proof of insurance if the person is operating a government-owned or leased motor vehicle; or an employer-owned or leased motor vehicle and is driving it with the employer’s permission.

If you would like a copy of an insurance card, please click here to send us an email requesting an insurance card.

Tort Cap Increases Effective 7/1/2020:
The limitations on judgments against governmental entities were amended.
Personal injury limits were increased to $779,600 per person/per occurrence and $3,138,300 aggregate/per occurrence. The property damage limits were increased to $307,700 per occurrence.

We, like you, are committed to reduce and avoid the spread of COVID-19.  Consequently, most of our employees are currently working remotely; however, all are available to perform essential services.  If you have any questions or needs from our office, please use the following directory link to find the appropriate member of our staff to assist you: Staff Directory

Meanwhile, please be safe and stay healthy.

Brian Nelson, Director
Utah Division of Risk Management

Risk Management recently sent a letter to School District Treasurers/Business Administrators and Charter School Directors concerning the Crime/Fidelity
Policy for FY 2021

To see the full letter click here.

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Division of Risk Management

The Division of Risk Management's role is to insure and protect State assets, promote safety, and help prevent losses for State Risk Fund participants which include State Agencies, State Institutions of Higher Education, School Districts, and participating Charter Schools. We approach loss control and claims management in a proactive and collaborative way in partnership with our clients.