Support Services

Support Services consists of the Administrative Support and Information Systems teams. The Administrative Support team oversees the Statement of Values, rebate programs, invoicing, and general customer support. The Information Systems team ensures tools and training are accessible and helpful for the insureds of Risk Management. This team also provides services such as the new Utah Learning Portal, online training, and Risk Portal management. Please see the Meet the Team section below for further information.

Support Services

A Statement of Values (SOV) is a declaration of the assets your entity wants the Risk Fund to insure.

An online SOV portal is available to assist insureds in updating their Statement of Values for the upcoming fiscal year. The SOV portal is open from late April until mid-June each year. Insureds have the ability to add, remove and edit buildings, contents and vehicles.

Each insured agency/institution will receive an access link to the SOV portal. The link is personalized to the user it has been sent to and any changes made through that link will show as made by that user.

Multiple users are able to make edits in portal to the same Statement of Values. Additional links can be obtained by sending an email to

The link provided to users will contain items to assist them. Located on the top bar is a section labeled info/help. In this section there are several documents that will show basic navigation, definitions and instructions. Please check this section first before calling for assistance.

The following are additional tips and tricks to assist you adding and removing assets utilizing the link:

  • Property
    • Search addresses before searching building names to see if a property is already listed
    • Double check for duplicates
    • Add contents you want associated with a building by clicking the plus button next to the building
    • Columns can be sorted by the insured’s building number instead of Risk’s building number
    • Even if no changes were made select the “Submit Changes to Risk” button
    • To add a new building select the “Add New Building” button
  • Auto
    • Search VINs or license plates before make/model to check if auto is already listed
    • Double check for duplicates
    • Even if no changes were made sect the “submit changes to Risk” button

Each year insureds are required to verify and declare to Risk Management the correctness of their Statement of Values. This enables Risk Management to estimate premiums and provide rate impacts to the legislature.

The SOV portal can be reopened by sending an email to

Assets can be added by sending an email to with required information. Required information would include a new building form for property (see link here) or the make/model/year/license plate/VIN for auto. For items needing to be removed email with the request or you may wait until the SOV portal is open to remove the item yourself.

Assets valued at below $25 million and are added mid-year after invoicing has been sent will be insured as of the day they are reported. A premium for the asset will not be invoiced until the next fiscal year.

Assets valued in excess of $25 million and are added mid-year after invoicing has been sent will be insured as of the day they are reported. An interim invoice will be issued for the asset.

Assets deleted mid-year will be removed but no refund will be given for paid premiums.

The SOV portal is helpful for both parties because it allows insureds to view all items which will receive an invoice and allows insureds to edit their Statement of Values. The items not available for edit are building name, address, and construction year. These changes must be made through Risk Management.

It is important that all edits are accurate. Once the “Submit Changes to Risk” button has been selected edits can no longer be made. Please ensure all edits have been completed before submitting to Risk Management. The submitted Statement of Values will utilized to create premium invoice values.

Rebate Programs

Sprinkler Rebate Program

Risk Control & Safety Meeting Minutes Reports

Meet The Team

Administrative Support

  • Brian Jensen, Risk Support Services Manager 801-538-3213,

Olivia Griffin, Office Specialist 801-538-9560,

  • Update contact information for insureds.
  • Distribution of insurance policies.

Camille Richins, Support Services Coordinator 801-538-9669,

  • Statement of Values
  • Maintain auto, property, and liability databases
  • Invoicing
  • Commercial Auto invoicing
  • Auto insurance cards
  • Course of Construction applications and invoicing

Silvia Lane, Support Services Coordinator, Certificates of Insurance 801-538-9570,

  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Sprinkler rebate program
  • Risk control safety meeting minutes
  • FINET coding updates

Administrative Support

  • Emily Williams, Information Systems Manager 801-538-9537,

Wesley Escalante, e-Learning Developer and Analyst 801-538-9578,

  • Online Training Developer
  • Website Admin
  • ULP Admin

Katerina Newton, LMS Administrator 801-538-9590,

  • Utah Learning Portal Admin
  • ULP Reporting and Information
  • ULP Agency Onboarding